Known as one of the most versatile fruits on the planet, coconut has had hundreds of uses for humanity for many years. It is one of the very types of fruit in the world where you could literally use every part to some effect. It is found in more than 80 countries worldwide and is the known to flourish in tropical conditions. Coconut has given a lot of economic importance to countries like the Philippines and also throws in the bonus of being extremely healthy for anyone to consume. These two main factors are sufficient to make this fruit the most valuable of its kind around the world. Let us take a look at some of the uses of coconut around the world.

Image Source:pixabay

Health Benefits

The health benefits of this wondrous fruit go on and on. Let us start with the coir which is the outer part of the husk, apart from the functional uses like being used for ropes and rugs it is also used to make a healthy tea in countries like Brazil. This special blend of tea is said to be a good combatant in the face of inflammatory disorders. The husk of the coconut itself is used for many cosmetics and is popularly known as an effective exfoliate for the skin.

That Magical Water

Another benefit is Coconut water, considered a magical thirst buster as it is known to very effectively replenish your body and is a much healthier option than soft drinks brought from a store. It has the capability of fixing any electrolyte deficiency in your body as a result of vomiting or even after a good workout at the gym. It might be a good idea to keep some of this nutritious water by your side if you happen to be sick. It is also very compatible with your blood and is even used as a method of infusion in emergency cases. To top it all of it is filled with anti-viral properties which give your body that additional boost in its immune system.

The Meat of the Coconut

The white flesh of the coconut has many uses and is the main ingredient in savoury dishes and curries in South Asia. The meat itself is rich in Vitamin A and B and is, of course, good for your body. The dried version of the flesh is called Copra and is used for Coconut oil which has its own industrial and medicinal uses. There is also a wide range of desserts and confectionery items all around the world which is made with Coconut as its base ingredient, this is because that sweet taste is loved by millions. The flesh is also enjoyed by many different types of animals and is also used as livestock feed in large-scale farms. It is quite astounding to think that a small fruit could be so bountiful in its properties but the reality is that it is. Some countries make a whole lot of money by just exporting it. Needless to say, Coconut will be used by man for generations to come.