With constant advancements in dental technology and knowledge, more and more solutions are arising that allow people to perfect their smiles and reach peak optimal oral hygiene and health. The condition of your teeth is important for various reasons, with the most important being how confident you feel and how healthy your teeth are.

Rectifying dental issues is important for keeping teeth in good condition so they look good and function well. And in recent years, fixing issues has become easier than ever thanks to the revolutionary new service of digital smile design. This article will break down what smile design dentistry involves and detail why it’s such a popular treatment.

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What Is Smile Design?

Digital smile design is a form of digital dentistry crafted by Brazilian dentist Christian Coachman, providing a new and innovative way to correct teeth. By taking photographs of the dental patient and using computer technology, different dental issues can be easily identified and solutions can be designed to correct issues and improve smiles.

The most useful part of smile design is that it allows patients to see a digital image of the intended results prior to any procedure being performed. This technology is used by professional and reputable dental clinics across the world, as it allows dentists to design custom dental solutions for specific patients. Smile design is also one of the most effective and efficient ways for dentists to design tailored-made veneers and crowns.

 The Uses and Benefits

Smile design dentistry is used to identify the best way to improve a smile. Whether it’s with teeth whitening, veneers, crowns, implants or gum contouring, dentists use smile design to identify and design the best specific dental solutions based on your individual issues. Offering an extensive range of benefits, dentists generally use smile design dentistry to properly show patients the intended outcomes of procedures before starting. The other benefits involved with this technology include:

  • You can see your dream smile in advance
  • Allows your dentist to plan out a solid procedure plan for your teeth
  • Gives your dentist better insight into how to construct your best smile
  • You’ll know exactly what you need to get before you undergo any procedure

Seeking a Dentist for Smile Design

While smile design dentistry is exciting, it’s important that you spend some time deciding who will be the best smile design dentist for you. Identify nearby clinics that are reputable, established and, most importantly, experienced in smile design dentistry. When you go to a professional dentist that knows exactly what they’re doing, this will help guarantee the best smile design service.

Don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation with your local dentist about smile design and what it could achieve for you and your teeth. If they don’t offer the service, you can ask for recommendations for providers who do. Otherwise, you can begin your smile design journey and get closer to your ideal smile.