Travelling abroad can be really entertaining especially if you are planning to travel as a family, often at home we are all so busy doing so many things that we rarely have time to spend with family. Among these things its nice to take a break and enjoy time together with family. If you have a small child you might be worried as how you could travel and ensure that your child is maximally protected. When it comes to travelling abroad especially with small children there are certain things you have to follow

Before you travel make sure you do a good amount of research about the country you are going to. See if there is any epidemic, or any political problems or any other issue. If there is any problem going on its better to avoid such places. Make sure that your child has completed theimmunization for the age, and check with your doctor if your child might need any additional vaccination or preventive measures.

Travel Through Airport

Families might need a longer time to clear through security especially with younger children, and when dressing small children make sure you wear clothing that are easy take off so it won’t be uncomfortable for the child to remove and wear clothes. Usually children under the age of 12 are not required to take their shoes off .

Children carry toys no matter where they go and giving up their toys even for a short while for security brings them to tears so explain to them that whatever goes through comes through the other side. Even children understand when you slowly explain it to them.

car seats
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Strollers can be brought through airport security easily, and if you are planning to bring car seats that could be arranged too. They can be checked in with the baggage and normally there is no additional fee for it.

During Flying

Plane travels can be boring and very long and children usually get irritated by it, so make sure to pack some toys or coloring books so they are kept entertained throughout the flight.

To reduce the ear pain, engage in nursing the infant or make the baby suck on to a bottle, always carry a disinfectant or sanitizer to ensure proper hand hygiene and wash the hands frequently.

After Reaching The Destination

To reduce jet lag, adjust the sleep cycle two to three days before and once you have landed persuade the child to engage in activitiesoutside so they can adjust very well.

When In swimming pool don them with floaters and keep them close to you, even in the hotel babyproof the surroundings as much as possible to avoid any accidents.

Car riding can be hazardous so its better to take the necessary precaution, passengers should wear the seat belts and the children should be buckled up in their safety seats. Infants and toddlers should always travel in a rear facing infant seats until they reach of age where they can ride theforward-facinginfant seats

Never leave a child alone in the car an always carry a health kit for children that contains safe water, snacks, wipes that are hypoallergenic, diaper rash ointment, a ground sheet that is insect and water proof so that they can play safely outside.