Teething puts your toddler in pain and discomfort and can make them very cranky, it might sometimes keep them awake at night messing up their sleeping schedule. If you are new to parenting and are looking for ways to soothe your toddler’s gums when they are teething, then here are some of the remedies you can try.

Give Them Teething Toys

Teethers or teething toys are special toys made to chew on. They are made rubber or a gel-core that can be refrigerated and used. Chewing will put pressure on the teeth and can relieve the pan. Also, cold can reduce the sensitivity of the nerves that causes pain and can sooth the gums of the baby. But make sure not to freeze the toys before usage as that will make them hard to chew. You can also use a frozen rag instead of a toy too. But always keep an eye on your kid when they are using the toys to make sure they will not swallow them.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is known for its abilities to sooth the pain and bringrelaxation. It has several healing properties such as relieving inflammation, treating stomach-aches, and improve immunity. Chamomile tea can act as a pain relief for teething babies and will help them to sleep. Tea that is mildly warm or is at room temperature can be fed to the baby with a feeding bottle or can make it a teething toy by soaking a rag in tea and freezing it. However always remember that chamomile tea can only be given t babies who are six months of age or older. It is also recommendable to consult a doctor before giving chamomile tea to your baby.

Medication for Pain Killing

Another treatment you can try is painkillers. If all the other home remedies, you have tried does not work then you can try giving over the counter pain relief medication. They can help to reduce the pain and help your baby sleep. Consult a paediatrician before you give pain killers to a toddler. Make sure you choose painkiller that use diluted formulas made especially for babies and not the adult pain killers. You can also try something like bonjela teething gel that is made specially to relieve the pain and soreness of gums in teething babies.


Massaging the gums gently with a finger can sooth the soreness that comes with teething for the first time. If your little one is always in tear because of teething or if they are having trouble sleeping you can try rubbing their gums. Focus your massaging specially on places where teeth are coming. When massaging the gums make sure your fingers are clean. The last thing you want is your kid to get any sickness from any germs because you had dirty fingers.

While most babies start to feel the pain when their first tooth comes in there are instances where babies might feel the pain weeks before they start teething. However, this is nothing to worry about. Stick to the above remedies and consult a doctor before you try out any new treatment or medication.