Forms of preparation of medical plants:

The fatty liquid that is collected after crushing or grinding fruits or seeds. Some are used in friction, others are absorbed orally.
Another way to use the herbs as oil is to flavour the oil commonly used in the kitchen, olive, sunflower, corn, rice, soybean, introducing a twig of the chosen herb in the oil bottle itself and use it after nine days.

Keep the herbs in clear water for a period of time for the active ingredients to dissolve in it. It is used when the substances that interest us are destroyed by heat and an infusion cannot be prepared. Up to 40 degrees all organic products are kept intact, from there some can be destroyed. That is to say, it is not necessary to take the whole water of cold herbs, it can warm up slightly.

A bouquet consisting of twigs and leaves of thyme, laurel, oregano and parsley, which are tied and accompany the stews while they are cooked. It is removed before serving

It consists of submerging in the bathtub with water to which the liquid resulting from boiling has been added for 5 minutes a handful of herbs in a 1-litre saucepan. It is used to benefit from tonic effects, emollients, sedatives, etc.

Bath in which the sexual organs and buttocks are submerged. It is usually used to treat haemorrhoids or female genital diseases especially

It is a paste that is prepared with flour, water, and the crushed plant. It is applied hot on the affected area (traumatic pain, joints) and left to act for a certain time.

Soapy solution to which the extract of the plant is added to apply it on the scalp

Form of use of active herbs on the respiratory system, which consists of rolling them on themselves if they are large or chopping them and rolling the bite on a cigarette to smoke it


Emulsion of the active ingredients in alcoholic solution (herbal alcohol) or aqueous (decoction, infusion) in a fatty medium, such as waxes, to obtain a fat paste (cream) that can be applied to the skin, rubbing so that it completely absorb

Medicinal drink. It was applied long ago to preparations that cured all ills

Prepared plants based on resins and fats, which is sticky and adheres to the area where it is applied

Mixtures in which the compounds are not soluble, such as oil and water

Add the herbs when the water is boiling and keep boiling about 5 minutes

Liquid preparation with which they gargle (with a sip in the mouth, it is kept open with the face looking up, and the breath is thrown gently so that the liquid wet the throat)

Very fine powder

It is about preventing the water where the plant has been boiled, but it must be very hot. This is achieved in two different ways:
– when the water boils, the herbs are added, it is removed from the fire and the container is covered. Wait 5 minutes
– or place the herbs in a cup, add the boiling water and cover. 5 minutes is expected

The emulsion of the active ingredients in organic substances that produce foam with water. Useful for applications on the corporal surface

Liquid I expect prepared with the active ingredients dissolved in water (decoction liquid or infusion) and a large amount of sugar.

Diuretic syrup and aperitif prepared with the roots of celery, asparagus, fennel, parsley and Rusco. To a litre of water, 50 grams of each of the roots of the aforementioned plants are added to the boil and kept, with slow fire until the water is reduced by half. The container is covered and left in maceration until the next day. Sneak in half a kilo of sugar and heat over low heat, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon, until the sugar dissolves. If the consistency is not as expected for a syrup, more sugar can be added. They take three tablespoons a day.

Liquid extract obtained directly from the plant, by crushing and filtering

The liquid obtained when crushed oilseeds are mixed with water.

Mix that usually contains an alcohol and oil, which is used to rub the skin

Liquid preparation with which the affected area is quickly washed (usually by irritation)

Operation consisting of keeping the plant suemrgida in a liquid (water, wine, vinegar or others) at room temperature, during a given period

Bath-applied only to the feet

Result of crushing the plant to obtain very small particles

Way to apply the herbs that constitute the first dish of one of the main meals. It is usually prepared by cutting the bread into thin slices as if they were potatoes to make tortillas (hardened bread is preferable, four or five days before, toast is not advisable, as it can not be cut into thin slices). Place the bread in a bowl and add the liquid, boiling a very short decoction (water that boils with herbs for about 5 minutes) or an infusion. You can add, depending on taste, salt, oil, lemon juice, an egg yolk or any other supplement.

An alcoholic solution of the active ingredients. It is prepared by letting the plant marinate in alcohol for a certain time

Infusion intended for drinking

Consists of breathing the vapours that come off the water while boiling with the plant

Prepare by letting the herb marinate in vinegar

Drink that is obtained after leaving the plant in maceration with wine during the established time