With the world so consumed with weight loss and looking fit there also rises the market full of beneficial drinks and juices. Whether you are simply trying to lose weight or get fit there are many different methods and options that you can resort to. Some of the most beneficial drinks are the ones that you cannot even guess that they are available. Here are a list of drinks that we think you should try out and in the end choose the best options for you.

The Tropical Fruit

There are many tropical fruits that are available but when it comes to something that is boasting to be packed with all goodness you should look at the benefits of coconut water. It is known to be the Gatorade that is found naturally and has all the famous people running to it in hopes of finding and filling them with its benefits. Be it they want to consume it after a night out in the town, to hydrate themselves after a good shopping spree during the hot summer days or replenish themselves with the nutrients it is packed with after a good work out, this is something that has taken the world by storm. Everyone want a little bit of it and there is plenty to be found packed into nice fancy looking bottles or even found in its natural housing. Since it is better than most synthetic drinks found on the market is it highly sort after. It does not contain any additives that can harm one’s health. So if you see this drink taking up space in your refrigerator do not be alarmed as it is only going to do you better than any other drink out there.

The Red Pulpy Juice

Water melon water is the next best thing that one can find on the market today. It is becoming the best friend to those who are working out hard at the gym. It is supposed to help eliminate all body aches and pains of the sore and tender muscles groups. Since it is high in potassium and magnesium and also has plenty of electrolytes it has the ability to help the muscles relax. It is also good for a good night’s rest. Even though it does contain a tad bit more sugar than one would like it can come in handy to restore all the glycogen stores that can get used up during work out. There are great benefits to this juice that even the extra bit of sugar is not an issue. Find them bottled in your local stores or get a yummy recipe and whip some up right at home.

The Drink for Great Skin

Prickly pear cactus is one fruit that has a great juice that help one have beautiful skin. It contains a compound called Betalains that is known to be an antioxidant that prevents moisture loss and help one achieve glowing healthy skin. Cactus water contains many of the nutrients that everyone needs after a workout. So in addition to great skin it also can help one with weight loss management. It is also said to help regulate sugar levels in the blood of an individual. Researchers have found that is does in fact lower the cholesterol levels in an individual.