Chronic pain can be a crippling condition to live with and can hinder many aspects of normal life to a great extent. Furthermore, it can be an expensive ordeal since a constant flow of painkillers can add a lot to your monthly expenditure. There are however a wide variety of natural remedies to choose from that have proven effects as painkillers while being considerably more affordable than their pharmaceutical equivalents. 


This is a spice that is very commonly used in Indian curries and is from the same family as ginger. It is commonly found in powdered form and bears a strikingly yellowish colour. It is, however, a lot more than just an exotic food ingredient since the spice is commonly used to combat stomach ulcers, psoriasis and even cancer. It has also become quite common for people suffering from osteoarthritis to consume turmeric as it is anti-inflammatory. This incredible medicinal substance can be obtained for a fraction of the cost of a pain management specialist.

Coconut Juice/Water

Besides how amazingly refreshing coconut water tastes you will soon find that there are quite a few advantages of choosing this water as a source of refreshment. Besides the fact that it’s completely natural, it is also a good source of several nutrients and has quite a large number of antioxidant properties.

coconut water
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It is also known to positively affect and reduce blood pressure as well as support heart health. Due to them being high in its antioxidant properties it is also a good option to choose after prolonged exercise. It is not only able to hydrate you much faster but is also high in electrolytes and can result in the individual dealing with less nausea and stomach discomfort

Willow Bark

This might not be something that is easily found throughout the world, since Willow trees grow mostly in the northern hemisphere, but its effectiveness as a pain-reliever is highly renowned. People have been chewing on the bark of these trees for centuries to reduce the effects of pain and fevers.

It was also commonly consumed as lower back pain treatment. Chewing on this back can have some negative side-effects so caution is advised since symptoms can include slowing down of kidneys and even prolonged bleeding. Willow’s Bark can also be poisonous in high doses, much like aspirin.


This is also a commonly used culinary ingredient that has remarkable aesthetic effects. Cloves can be obtained in many forms including powder, capsule and even the whole spice. Cloves contain an active ingredient by the name of Eugenol, which is a natural pain-reliever that is utilized as a local anesthetic to numb certain areas.

Clove oil is very commonly applied to an aching tooth to numb the area while a dentist can be reached. This spice is not recommended for people on blood-thinning medication or with bleeding disorders since it can increase the possibility of bleeding.

If you’re sick of pharmaceutical sources of pain relief, you might wish to consider one of these natural options.