Alfalfa, one of the great perennial herb, has been using in medicine for a long time. It has proven that Alfalfa keeps maintaining the level of cholesterol and glucose in human blood. Taking Alfalfa supplements orally is safe but sometimes it causes lupus-like symptoms. This symptom may occur as because of the present of L-canavanine amino acid in the seeds and sprouts of Alfalfa. This amino acid creates some reaction in the human body. However, the Alfalfa leaves are safe from this kind of symptoms, as the leaves are yield from Alfalfa plant.

Alfalfa “The Father of All Foods” – was first introduced by the Arabians. The Chinese have been using this Alfalfa since the sixth century for curing Water Retention also known as Fluid Retention and Inflammation. The vast amount of minerals and nutrients are found in the leaves of Alfalfa plants. Also, the amount of potassium, calcium, magnesium, and carotene are great. Many years ago Alfalfa has been used as an animal crop as it made them swift and mighty and now its used as a herbal product.

For urinary tract infections, kidney, bladder and prostate disorders, alfalfa works tremendously. For Diuretic and Laxative cases Alfalfa takes a great staff. To keep maintain our blood sugar level Alfalfa takes strong action. Many people who are riding in cuisine take Alfalfa as their daily salad and in vegetable for staying healthy in their daily life. Compare to wheat grass and Algae, Alfalfa has the much more nutritional elements like High fibre, high Vitamins, high minerals and all other enzymes which are required for digestion.

There is a warning for keen Alfalfa lovers that taking Alfalfa first time doesn’t sense any taste in your mouth, as it feels like burning the tip of your tongue and you may dislike it. The best advice is that do not give up because the taste of Alfalfa will increase gradually in your mouth by taking it as the daily basis and after some days you will find that ravenousness for heavy food will decrease.
Alfalfa also has a great advantage for reducing fevers and keeping the blood condition very good. Natural fluoride in Alfalfa keep your teeth strong and prevent it from the cavity. Alfalfa leaves are the great source of Nitrogen and it makes a great taste if you have it with tea. Peoples of Irish and Delphiniums love to take Alfalfa leaves with tea. Many green fingers also use Alfalfa for much-producing flower beds.