People get breast implants for different reasons, and they pick different kinds of implants according to their wants or needs. You may want breast implants to boost your confidence, or to increase your self-esteem, to improve your body image and many other reasons. There is a lot of decision making when you are considering to get breast implants. You need to choose the right breast augmentation Melbourne surgeon, you need to consider the position that you want the implants to be inserted, and you need to choose the implants that fit the look you have in mind.

The Following Are Some Of The Things That You Need To Learn About Implants:

Implant Shape

The shape of implants directly affects how you will finally look after surgery is done. It is important to choose the right shape that is in synchronicity with your body type. There is the teardrop-shaped implant that looks like the natural breast and the round shaped implants that appear fuller at the top and are the traditional implant shape. If you want a more natural look for your results, then the teardrop shaped implants best suit you. Likewise, if you want fuller breasts, the round implants should be what you choose. Wrong choices will only render you disappointed.

Implant Size

Consider getting the right size of implants for your body. Very big implants will make your breasts look too large and fake. They may also cause sagging or implant rippling among other complications. Consult your breast augmentation Melbourne surgeon and inform them of the size of breasts you want. Show them pictures if necessary because you do not want to get the wrong size of implants and end up looking disproportionate.

Implant Placement

Your preferences and body will guide this decision of where the implants should be placed. There are two forms of placement; submuscular and sub-glandular placement.

For submuscular placement, implants are placed under pectorals major muscles. This placement usually results in a more natural outlook of the breasts after implanting. It is mainly so for women with less breast tissue. It takes a little longer for muscles to relax and allow implants to drop and relax when they are below the muscles. Therefore, you will have to be patient to see the results.

For sub glandular placement implants are placed over the chest muscles. It is a good option for women with more breast tissue because the tissue can conceal the appearance of implants. Women who choose this placement heal in a very short time. It is, therefore, a choice to be considered for those women who do strenuous activities like athletics since they can heal fast.

Sometimes cosmetic surgery offers split-muscle implant placement. This is the place where the implant is inserted a little above the pectoral muscle and partially below. You should breast augmentation Melbourne consult your surgeon about the three and discuss which one best suits you or gives you more advantage over the others.