Starting a business is not something that’s done all at once.  But one of the first things people will tell you to do is decide what the name will be, and grab the domain name as soon as possible.   Having a memorable domain name is the modern equivalent of hanging out your shingle in the town square.  Of course, with the advent of ecommerce, your town has billions of people.   and the more you can stand out and wave to the ones want as customers, the better your shingle should be.

Back at the dawn of ecommerce, buying a domain name was a confusing mish mash.  And even after you decided on what you wanted your company name to be, you had to make sure you could register the company with the same name or something similar.  That could lead to more frustration if you got the dreaded “name not available.”   Using initials was not enough to differentiate you from someone with the same name and there were stories of major corporations paying domain sitters thousands of dollars to buy back the brand name they’d used for decades, because they saw “that web thing” as a fad instead of the paradigm shift it really was.  No wonder people rolled their eyes when the subject of websites came up.  It was time to stop the madness, and GoDaddy stepped in to do just that.

GoDaddy offers simple domain set up that requires none of the skills you worry about not having, so if you’ve put off putting up a website since back in the day when you needed a degree in computer science to make one, relax. And if you’re worried that it might be expensive, check Groupon, because they offer deals that let you purchase a GoDaddy domain for under a dollar.   Not only will GoDaddy help you secure the name you want, they will guide you through the set up.  If you can cut and paste, you and do this.  And they offer real-time monitoring to make sure you’re always up and running.  Nothing is more frustrating than having a potential customer abandon a sale because of a broken link.  So let GoDaddy show you why more than 17 million customers have trusted them with their sites.  GoDaddy offers 24/7 technical support with customer service reps who stay with you until the hair pulling stops.  That’s really important when you consider that most new businesses are sidelines of working folk who have a family to manage first.  Sometimes it’s late at night before they even turn on their computer.  With GoDaddy, when you’re ready, they’re already there.