The gym isn’t exactly a place where you can show off your good looks. The mirrors, the pools of sweat and your uneven breathing are constant reminders of the exhausted nightmare you look like. With the right gym wear, you can keep yourself fresh and comfortable and show off those guns you worked hard for.

Here are some gym wears that will help you look fashionably comfortable throughout your workout:

Singlets & Shorts

The basic gym wear for men, they come in a wide variety of designs and cuts. So, try on a few and choose ones that you like but are also comfortable in. Singlets are usually made of materials that are good in absorbing all that sweat. It is best to stick to darker colours like black, grey and blue to cover up those unappealing pit stains.

Compression Tights

A daring choice but one that is quite suitable to hit the gym, compression tights provide you with breathable space while allowing you to stretch out those muscles as much as you want. If you aren’t bold enough to consider compression tights as the type of gym clothes for men you would wear, you can opt for boxer shorts instead. They are a great and comfortable replacement.


Find the right pair of runners that would match your gym wear. If your runners are too chunky then they will just end up becoming an added weight to your body and if they do not provide you with a good grip, then you would most likely slip and sprain something. So, it is necessary to find a pair of runners which aren’t too heavy on your feet. Sneakers can also be worn instead of runners; they provide the necessary spring to your step as well as your style.

Sports Socks

You can either opt for standard ankle socks which sit right below the top of your sneakers or stick to some compression socks which are great for workouts at the gym. It is best to stick to darker colors so they don’t get dirty too quickly and can be worn for a longer period of time.


Consider this only if you are planning on continuing your visits to the gym during the cold weather as well. Gillets are the sporty version of warmers worn during the winter. It is best to stick to thinner versions rather than bulkier gillets as they may provide more warmth but are bound to produce some difficulties during your workout.


Light weight and slim fit, windbreakers are the ideal slip-ons over your singlet, once you are ready to leave that gym. They are more suitable for warmer months. They are also a fashion piece than can elevate your look.

With these outfits in your wardrobe, every day at the gym would be enjoyable and fashionable. You will be rocking the ultimate look of comfort no matter what you look like at the end of that workout session. So, pack up those gym bags and off you go looking perfect with the least effort in doing so.