No matter what your job is, you surely have experienced work-related stress at some point of your life. There are plenty of stressors at work – from meeting deadlines, work expectations, competition and many more. Experiencing stress from time to time is healthy because it boosts our performance especially in the workplace. However, when it becomes chronic, this is when our health starts to get affected.

The good thing is that managing work-related stress is easy if you know what to do, plus good support from friends or family. Read along to find great ways on how to effectively combat stress for a physically and emotionally healthy you.

Know Your Stressors

Each one of us has different stressors. To fight stress well, it is best to know which factors stresses you out and develop better ways in responding to them. To begin with, you can make a record every time you get stressed. Make sure to jot down how you feel and your initial reaction to that stressor. Do this for a few days and you’ll definitely see a pattern on how you get stressed so you can develop better ways to face them next time.

Develop Healthy Responses

Instead of succumbing to unhealthy responses such as drinking and stress-eating, developing healthy responses is the best way to properly combat stress. There are so many activities you can do that help diffuse your stress levels. Exercise, yoga, reading and listening to music are just a few of them. The point here is to do any activity that you love or give you pleasure to diffuse stress as of the moment. Practicing breathing exercises are also helpful especially when you can’t leave your desk at work as of the moment.

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Have Things that Calm Your Nerves

When you are constantly stressed at work, it is best to have things that calm down your nerves at hand. It can be a stash of tea, chocolates and any other food or drink that could calm you down or give you a boost of happy hormones. If you usually suffer from stress-related back pain, pain relief patches help relieve this problem.


Taking time to recharge and unwind is important in maintaining our emotional wellbeing. If you’re working regularly from Mondays to Fridays, don’t let your weekend go to waste. Make sure to use these days as a time to take a break from all the stress and pressure at work. Do anything that takes your mind off from the usual routine you do. Going out with friends or family, embarking on a quiet retreat and keeping yourself off from technology and gadgets are just some of the great ways to break free from all the stressors. After having some time off, you’ll surely feel fresh and invigorated when you come back to work.

All jobs have their own fair share of stressors and it matters a lot on how you deal with these stressful situations. Keep these simple tips in mind to help you manage work-related stress more effectively than before.