The environment in which you work can have a large impact on your workplace productivity and wellbeing. Research has shown that the space you work in can dramatically change your mood, and it’s widely known that a tidy and organised office can lead to increased efficiency, output and creativity.

Whether the working environment is small or large, a tidy office is important for ensuring better staff morale. Here are some ways you can ensure that your working space is as tidy as it needs to be.

Untidy and cluttered desk
View of a untidy and cluttered desk

 Establish Cleaning Standards

If you own or operate a working environment that’s used by a variety of different staff members, you should identify the cleaning standards of your company. In general, you should establish a workplace culture that encourages everyone to play their part in maintaining an organised and de-cluttered office. For example, you can allocate different tasks for staff members monthly or arrange a rotating roster. This will make the tidying up of the space fair and consistent while also developing a teamwork attitude.

 Provide Cleaning Tools and Products

Simple measures like setting out cleaning products on your benches and tabletops can encourage people to clean up after themselves. This makes it easy for staff to contribute to the cleanliness of the workplace, especially if you enforce a general rule that staff members must clean up kitchen or food areas after using them. You should also ensure that your bathrooms have the necessary tools, soaps and sprays necessary to keep them smelling and looking fresh. Putting the responsibility on your staff to maintain cleanliness is the best way to make sure everything remains as sanitised and tidy as possible.

 Daily Micromanagement

At the end of each day, you should clean up your desk and the nearby area. Setting a good example is the best way to encourage those working around you to do the same. In general, taking small steps every day can have big results, so staying on top of your own individual space can help prevent it from becoming a dumping ground for overflowing piles of paperwork and other clutter. It could also be worthwhile encouraging your staff to use digital files and folders where possible, as hardcopy files are often unnecessary.

 Book Regular Professional Cleans

Maintaining an ongoing relationship with a provider of office cleaning in Melbourne is the best way to keep your office looking and feeling its best. Expert office cleaning Melbourne teams have the expertise and equipment to carry out the best cleans, ensuring your working space won’t become a home for dirt, debris and bacteria. Booking in for office cleaning in Melbourne can also extend the longevity of surfaces and structures, maintain necessary safety standards, and provide your workers with an environment that’s healthy and encouraging.

 Make Use of Storage Units

The best way to keep everything organised is by establishing a system for your paperwork and documents. Desks can quickly become cluttered with files when they’re not correctly stored away. It’s a good idea to use storage units or filing cabinets to store everything away in an organised manner. Storing files away like this is particularly useful because it means that your paperwork is still easily and quickly accessible while being hidden from the public.