Chiropractic is not a cure-all form of treatment but it can help you get relief from some health conditions that may cause pain and interfere with daily living. Chiropractic involves correcting spinal alignment abnormalities and it has become one of the most popular alternative health care in the United States. Here are five conditions that a Chiropractor Colorado Springs can help with:

1. Back Pain
Every year about 30 million Americans suffer from back pain and this condition can prevent you from performing simple everyday tasks like sitting, lifting, sleeping and exercising. Spinal adjustments by a chiropractor can help alleviate back pain and improve communication between the brain and other parts of the body. The chiropractor will help to realign the spine and decrease the pressure on it.

2. Herniated Disc
This is a condition in which a disc bulges out of the normal radius in the spine. You may not be able to quickly detect this problem until it begins to cause excruciating pain. This spine condition can lead to stiffness and severe pain in the leg, back, arm and neck. Some of the leading causes of a herniated disc include improper lifting, aging, rigorous sports activities, as well as smoking and drinking. A chiropractor can help you get relief by flexing the spine with a mild pumping rhythm. This technique helps in decreasing the pressure on the nerve where the herniated disc sits. It gently moves the disc away from the nerve, leading to a significant reduction in pain and inflammation.

3. Migraine
Migraine is an intense and prolonged headache that causes severe pain, restlessness, and fatigue. To alleviate pain associated with migraine, a chiropractor will have to perform a spinal adjustment to relieve pressure on the nervous system. The chiropractor will also offer lifestyle and nutritional counseling to help you control and manage the symptoms of the disease.

4. Car Accident Injuries
An automobile accident can result in either major or minor injuries. Regardless of the level of damage it causes, you should visit a chiropractor to help you heal and resume your everyday activities as the human body is not designed to withstand such great impact. It is always important that you get checked after a car accident whether or not there are visible signs of injuries on your body. Some injuries may be internal and if you neglect them, they may cause long-term pain to your body. A chiropractor in Colorado Spring can examine your spine to ensure that there is no misalignment. If there is, the chiropractor will realign the spine to reduce pain and inflammation.

5. Neck Pain
Neck pain is another common complaint that patients make when they visit a physician. Most times, this pain is caused by subluxations of the vertebrae. This suggests that the spine is misaligned. A car accident, a fall, lifting of heavy loads incorrectly, poor posture, a sedentary lifestyle, ruptured disc and sleeping on a sagging mattress can cause the vertebrae to move out of its rightful position. This will eventually lead to misalignment in the spine and subsequent pain in the neck. A chiropractor will develop a treatment plan that addresses your specific needs after examining your neck and determining the cause of the pain. He or she may recommend spinal adjustments to correct the lining of the vertebrae, spinal decompression treatments or therapeutic exercises and physiotherapy treatments.

The goal of every trained chiropractor in Colorado Spring is to soothe pain and bring lasting relief to the patient. Chiropractic may not cure every disease but it sure can improve your overall health. There’s nothing you cannot achieve with good health.