Laser hair removal is a popular, highly effective procedure offered at skin clinics right across Australia. Using instant pulses of high-intensity laser light, laser hair removal works to target hair at its follicle, inhibiting its growth. After a series of sessions, you will ultimately be left with smooth skin, and the exhausting process of shaving, waxing or plucking will no longer be an addition to your busy routine. This article breaks down some of the reasons why laser hair removal is currently such a popular hair removal method.

laser hair removal

Image Source: Viclaser

Quick Sessions

The procedure for a regular laser hair removal session is quick and easy, meaning it’s the perfect choice for those with limited time or busy schedules. From busy mums to those needing to squeeze in lunch-time appointments, you can be in and out of a clinic quite quickly depending on the area being targeted. For instance, underarms only take 10 minutes to complete. The quick and convenient nature of laser hair removal means that it’s a popular choice for all kinds of people and for all kinds of schedules.

Long-Lasting Results

Laser hair removal is such a popular cosmetic treatment because it promises long-lasting results. It should be noted that laser hair removal does involve some time in order for its results to be long-lasting, as your therapist needs to target regrowth in your hair’s natural cycle. This means that your sessions will be spread out at least three to six weeks apart until your therapist feels that your hair has been properly targeted. You’ll then be left with smooth, hair-free skin with no need to wax, shave or pluck

Dramatic Outcomes

One of the biggest reasons why laser hair removal is so popular and widely sought after is because it removes hair so precisely and effectively. Unlike razors or shaving creams, your laser hair removal specialist won’t miss a patch of hair. As the laser targets the hair right down at its root, the outcome is silky, smooth and completely hairless skin. The laser also works quickly, meaning that your therapist is likely to go over the treated area a few times to ensure every hair is targeted and each follicle is properly destroyed.


People often steer away from laser hair removal because they’re under the impression that it’s an expensive treatment. However, it only seems costly because there are often a number of sessions involved depending on the nature of your hair. People with coarse or excessive hair can expect to need more sessions than someone with sparse hair. The cost of laser hair removal can also depend largely on the area you’re getting treated and how frequently you need to visit the clinic for treatment. However, over time, treatment often works out to be more affordable than waxing and shaving. You can cut down on costs further by seeking out special deals during sales periods, looking for packages, and searching for a therapist that offers everyday low prices.